Continuing projects

ADCi Australian Digital Cities Index

CIIER has maintained its commitment to the ADCI project, despite difficulties in gaining the required sponsorship in order to complete both the analysis and research reporting.

Volunteer effort by the Project Director, Ernest Stabek, has kept the research in the public eye, and data gathering and analysis by Nan Zhou, Mehreen Hamsa, and Ian Dennis have allowed the project to progress to completion.

Proof of Concept – sponsored by AuDA, was achieved last financial year, and final analysis results, both for ADCI, and a combined Australian DCI/European DCI was achieved after the end of the 2018-9 financial year, but before the CIIER 2019 AGM.
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CIIER Ranking Engine

This project grew from a requirement of the ADCI project but has proven valuable in its own right. It allows us to easily rank groupings by disparate data-sets easily, consistently, and accurately, and will be a useful tool for future ranking analysis projects.

 In accordance with our agreement with NESTA, a gratis version of the CIIER ranking Engine has been provided to them.

The use of the CIIER ranking engine on other “index” projects is now being mooted on such diverse areas as “trust” and “cyber-security”.

City of Melbourne Grants

We continue to assist COM with reviews of submissions to their small business and community grants programme. COM pays a fee for this service.

University of Melbourne E-Health study

We participated in this project survey structure review and in the survey process, outcomes were originally anticipated in December 2019.

CIIER cancer consumer database for Integrated Cancer Services

A preliminary proposal has been submitted, with further discussions originally intended to take place early in 2020. Like many such projects, this is also now deferred.

2021 Projects

CIIER & NESTA Digital Cities New Pilot

This project will facilitate the placement of several OCSC member university students as interns, with the OCSC and the CIIER and NESTA (UK) partnership conducting a pilot research project to adapt the Australian Digital Cities Index (ACDI) and the European Digital Cities Index (EDCI) methodology in a developing economy environment. Continue Reading

2020 Projects


The BroSupPORT project is an initiative of the Victorian Agency for Health Information, and is intended  to provide a portal to information for men dealing with prostate cancer,  and some analysis of prostate cancer outcomes,  based on actual patient consumer feedback. 
The BroSupPORT project is supported by Movember Foundation and is being managed by Monash Health.  CIIER Chair, Ian Dennis, has been appointed to the BroSupPORT advisory committee.  A perfect blend of his interests in cancer research and ICT.

Future Health Today

Future Health Today is a collaboration between University of Melbourne and Western Health. It is a proactive digital health intervention that uses data from health records to automate the detection of chronic disease to provide new opportunities for early intervention and improved health outcomes.

The Aim of the project is to develop a technology platform to work in general medical practice so that chronic disease and chronic disease risk can be detected earlier, people at risk can have opportunity to address their risk sooner, and conditions can be managed earlier for improved health outcomes. CIIER Chair, Ian Dennis, has been appointed to the advisory committee for this project.

Digital Pulse

ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse annual report provides a snapshot of Australia’s digital economy, work-force and policy landscape, prepared by Deloitte Access Economics on behalf of the Australian Computer Society. The Digital Pulse report incorporates the ICT Statistical Compendium, which was originally developed and provided by CIIER to the ACS for many years, and continues to draw upon statistical definitions, nomenclatures, and paradigms developed by CIIER.

The Digital Pulse report includes analysis of Australia’s ICT sector, the increasing use of digital technologies, and key enablers of future growth and innovation, and these provide a platform and evidence base for broader public discussion on digital issues. CIIER Chair, Ian Dennis has been appointed as “Subject Matter Expert” to the team for the 2020 edition of Digital Pulse.