CIIER research includes pro-bono, commissioned and sponsored research, and outcomes may include reports. CIIER has also contributed to significant ICT Industry Reports to inform Australian Technology policy.

Whilst some of our commissioned research reports may only be released by our clients, other reports are publicly available, either at completion, or after release by the sponsors or clients concerned.


What is A.I.?. and what isn’t?


C.O.G. – An opportunity for economic policy recommendations
Selecting and Structuring Quality Indicators and Signals in the Health sector – and planning for their analysis


VAHI – AOANJRR Project: Optimising Feedback of PROMs Data to Patients in the Setting of COVID19-related Restrictions
Digital Pulse 2021
In Pursuit of Patterns
Effectively Managing Supply and Demand of Time and Services In Operating Theatres Utilising Earned Value Management


Deloitte – ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse 2020
Simplifying Consumer Access to the information from Patient Outcomes Registers
Measuring Trust – The Binary Conundrum
Software and Services – Dodging the Bullet
ICT Employment in Australia – Some facts, for a change!
Measuring trust – towards a general theorem
Rebuilding the Australian Economy – The lesson from the GFC about ICT economic contribution
ICT and its part of the Australian economy – The Invisible Elephant in the room
Measuring trust – a Barometer approach
Some thoughts on Bankable Signatures


An Economic Analysis of the use of Nurse-led Clinics for Patients with low-risk urological cancer.


ACS submission to ICT Statistics Review


2013 Australian ICT Statistical Compendium


2012 Australian ICT Statistical Compendium


2011 Australian ICT Statistical Compendium


Tasmanian ICT Industry Sector Assessment Report 2010
2010 Australian ICT Statistical Compendium
New South Wales ICT Industry Survey and Analysis 2010


Tasmanian ICT Industry Sector Assessment Report 2009
Facilitating the Digital Economy – Regional Equity – a CIIER Research paper
ACS Employment Survey Report 2009


The ICT Industry Report 2008
The CIIER-Whitehorse ICT Statistics Report 2008


Northern Territory ICT Survey Report 2007
ACS Employment Survey Report 2007
The CIIER-Whitehorse ICT Statistics Report 2007
The Whitehorse ICT Statistics Report 2007 CIIER


The Australian software industry and vertical applications markets
The Whitehorse ICT Statistics Report 2006
Victoria University ICT Review


CIIER ICT Skills Workshop Report


Whitehorse Offshore ICT Outsourcing Study