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Australian Digital Cities Index

New research conducted by the Centre for Innovative Industries Economic Research (CIIER), and funded by the .au Domain Authority (auDA), has applied the same sophisticated methodology to Melbourne as used by the renowned European Digital City Index, created and managed by Nesta. an internationally recognised European research organisation based in London.

The Australian Digital City Index (ADCi) will help policymakers and industry advance digital infrastructure, innovation, and entrepreneurship and underpin future economic growth.

The ADCi will be the first of its kind in Australia. This study offers a new leading database and suite of policies to advance digital infrastructure, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Australia.

There are numerous “indexes” and “city rankings” of varying quality, relevance, and coverage that attempt to assist in identifying relative economic, technical, and infrastructural strengths and weaknesses.

ADCI draws upon a defensible and independently verified pan-European methodology (EDCI). There is already a database of over 60 European cities to provide a base comparative. The EDCI index is specifically engineered to address economic advantages for start-ups, and (separately weighted), scaleups in a modern digital economy.
ADCI successful Proof of Concept was managed by CIIER and funded by the administrator of the .au namespace, auDA who said the project was important for the whole digital economy.

Understanding that Melbourne would rank 15th on a chart of major European cities is an eye-opening finding. It would be incredibly useful for policymakers to see other Australasian centres similarly ranked.

CIIER is now seeking funding to apply the methodology to a full Australasian Digital Cities Index so that policymakers can better understand where they may need to devote more resources.

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